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Welcome to Top Drawer Refinishing, the premier destination for all your furniture refinishing, painting, refurbishing, and repair needs! Our team of master craftsmen are highly skilled in all aspects of furniture restoration, ensuring that each job is done with attention to detail and beautiful results. Whether you're looking to restore an heirloom piece, breathe new life into an outdated furniture item, or simply have a piece repaired, we have the skill and expertise to give you the results you desire!


Repair, Paint, Color Change.  We can take water stained, burned, wax ringed furniture back to its orginal condition, usually better.  We can update with a color change, turn Grandma's old dining room set into something she and you will be proud of or put the luster back into your heirloom piece.  We offer free local pick up and delivery!


Garage Sale Find.  Looked interesting enough for five bucks. Now a conversation piece!

Dingy greasy condiment counter at Mcdonalds.  Now a beautiful expensive sideboard

1800's rocker too much for most.  Now the perfect piece for a nursery.


My pieces came out so well, complete color change, that when we listed our house for sale the home stager requested we leave them for them to use to showcase our house.


Hal, Oakland Hills, Ca

My Mothers dining room table after 200 years of use looked as if it was on its last wobbly leg.  The restoration and repair brought me to tears, that table looked better than I had ever seen it.  Thank you so very much.


Jim. Healdsburg, Ca.



We purchased a painted desk on craigslist and wanted to see what was underneath. Top Drawer removed the paint and refinished a gorgeous birds eye maple writing desk.  I can't believe someone painted it.


George, Windsor, Ca.

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